<field name="currency_id" invisible="True"/> <field name="currency_id" invisible="1"/>


<field name="expense_description" attrs="{'invisible':[('expense_audit','!=','1')]}" />


<field name="description" widget="html" nolabel="True"/> <field name="description" widget="html" nolabel="1"/>

只读 readonly

<field name="budget_id" readonly="True"/>

条件 domain

<field name="product_id" domain="[('pro_type','=','rests')]"/>

设定值 eval

<field name="fill_date" eval="datetime.now()" readonly="True"/>

表单传值 context (以 default_ 开始代表直接赋值过去)

<button class="oe_stat_button" name="%(budget_review_action)d" type="action" icon="fa-calendar-check-o" attrs="{'invisible':[('state','!=','check')]}" context="{'default_budget_id': id, 'default_contract_area': square, 'default_contract_price': total_price, 'default_start_date': start_date, 'default_end_date': end_date}" string="创建审核单"/>a


many2one widget (default)

  •  no_quick_create – remove the Create and edit… option.
  •  no_create_edit – remove the Create “search_value” option.
  •  no_create – no_quick_create and no_create_edit combined.
  •  no_open – in read mode: do not render as a link.
<field name="field_name" options="{'no_quick_create': True, 'no_create_edit' : True}"/>

many2many widget (default)

  • no_create – remove the Create button.
<field name="field_name" options="{'no_create': True}"/>

many2many_tags widget

  • no_quick_create – remove the Create and edit… option.
  • no_create_edit – remove the Create “search_value” option.
  • no_create – no_quick_create and no_create_edit together.
<field name="field_name" widget="many2many_tags" options="{'no_create_edit': True}"/>

one2many tree

  • create – remove the Create button.
  • edit – remove the Edit button.
  • delete – remove the Delete button.
<field name="basic_incidentals" mode="tree" nolabel="1"> <tree create="false" edit="false" delete="false"> <field name="name"/> <field name="model"/> <field name="specifications"/> <field name="price" invisible="True"/> <field name="number" invisible="True"/> <field name="unit" invisible="True"/> <field name="total_price" invisible="True"/> <field name="remarks" invisible="True"/> </tree> </field>



import datetime
year = fields.Selection(string=u'年度', selection=[(num, str(num)) for num in range((datetime.datetime.now().year - 5), (datetime.datetime.now().year + 5))])

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